NYC Loft Tenant Group

Some loft tenants–formally called New York City Loft Tenants (NYCLT)– have put together a website in order to help us all come together and get organized.

NYCLT is organized by loft tenants for loft tenants to educate newcomers, advocate for tenants’ rights and improve the new Loft Law. It is an invaluable resource for all of us who are in the throws of the loft law application process (even if you are still just thinking about filing…). If you are a loft tenant you must check it out (and while you are at it, join the google group!!) NYCLT is reaching out to all tenants in commercial buildings to join the NYCLT and get involved protecting residential and live/work spaces. If you know anyone  living in a commercial loft building, tell them about this new resource and NYCLT.

The site is built and maintained by loft tenants, open to collaboration from all of us.  It has news, updates, and announcements. There is a growing FAQ section where you can find out what the Loft Law is and how it affects you, guides that help you decide whether or not to apply and tell you how to apply, and what you need to know after you apply for Loft Law coverage. Plus a calendar so you can see everything that’s happening with the Loft Board and other tenant advocacy groups and where you can show up and make a difference.

Check out the calendar NOW because there is a great Meet n’ Greet scheduled with the Loft Board for Dec 7th! If you are a loft tenant, this event needs to be at the top of your to-do list (along with the Loft Board Meeting the following day!)

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