Dedicated Bike Lanes on the Pulaski Bridge

Pulaski two way

At last month’s CB1 Transportation Committee meeting, DOT formally presented their plan to bring a dedicated two-way bike lane to the Pulaski Bridge. The proposal, seen here, would remove one lane of traffic to create a two-way bike lane separated from both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The full DOT presentation (in PDF), which outlines the potential impacts of this change (negligible to auto/truck traffic) and the alternatives studied, can be found here. All in all, a very smart solution.

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0 thoughts on “Dedicated Bike Lanes on the Pulaski Bridge

  • Sherrie Lieber Pasarell

    Very smart solution, indeed. This is one of those great, positive Quality of Life victories we hear about/ engage in all too rarely.
    Thanks for posting, Ward.