Property Owner Issues Revised Feasibility Study for NuHart State Superfund Site

In April 2016, the engineering consultant hired by the NuHart property owners Dupont Street Developers issued a revised Feasibility Study (FS).  This revised FS was released in response to the NYS DEC (DEC) disapproving of the original FS the prior month.   A March 2016 letter from the DEC  raised a number of shortcomings found in the original FS, noting that the report insufficiently addressed items relating to the remediation plan for the contaminated site, and requesting the engineers to review certain portions of the original FS.

In a letter sent along with the revised FS, the property owner’s engineers respond to all of the concerns raised by the DEC — take a look at the engineers’ letter here.

NAG’s Community Technical Advisor, Environmental Stewardship Concepts, also submitted a letter to the DEC, noting additional concerns with the original FS.  Currently, the NuHart site engineers are making additional adjustments to the revised FS, and we will know soon whether the FS has reached its final version.  After the FS is final, NAG will hold a public meeting with our Technical Advisor present to explain the report to the community.

STAY TUNED for that meeting and info about the next step in the State Superfund process, the Proposed Remedial Action Plan, which will be issued by the NYSDEC.

That’s when the PUBLIC COMMENT period will occur, and you can weigh in on what should happen at the site!!  NAG will be organizing meetings to assist the community in preparing their own public comments.  This site is contaminated with 40,000-60,000 gallons of toxic phthalates and TCE (see our fact sheets on the chemicals here) and is adjacent to an existing playground, as well adjacent to a site proposed for a school!  The entire community must stay involved and ensure that the contamination is properly addressed.

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