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Although North Brooklyn is a beautiful community, it’s important that we remember where we came from.  Greenpoint and Williamsburg, because of our perfect geographical location to the east river waterfront and NewTown Creek, was a highly industrial area.  There were many factories and waste transfer stations (still is on the ladder) which have contributed to our unfortunate environmental hazards of today.

Before you get alarmed, a lot of the toxic areas are deep  under the ground, and they do not affect us unless disturbed.  Greenpoint and Williamsburg do have a higher concentration of lead contamination than the rest of NYC- so here at NAG we are working on an education and outreach program to inform you.  Our goals are to Educate through workshops, youth curriculum’s (with Eco-Schools USA), and brochures with Spanish and Polish translations.  We want to make the information easy to understand so the community can easily protect themselves from lead contact.  Lead is a harmful heavy metal that, until the 70’s was used in house paint and industrial production.    We are focusing this project on soil and gardeners for those community members who want to learn about safe gardening.  Potential first workshop date is Saturday August 27th at the McCarren Park Farmers Market.  


We are excited to be working with Brooklyn College’s Environmental Science Analytical Center to produce these workshops! There will be opportunities to get your soil tested at the event so stay tuned!!

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