Farewell, Michelle

Markowitz award

Jason Otaño presents a proclamation from Borough President Marty Markowitz to Jim (l) and Michelle (r) at NAG’s 2011 gala.

Today is kind of a sad day here at NAG. Last Friday was Michelle Rodecker’s last day at NAG, and for the first time in just about forever, she is not in the office today.
Michelle and her husband Jim are founding members of NAG. And for the past 23 years, they have been the mainstays of the organization. Jim and Michelle have volunteered at just about every event, action, protest and meeting that NAG has ever held. They were literally there the day that Neighbors Against Garbage was founded in 1994.
And in the case of Michelle, she has been at NAG pretty much every day since. For much the past 20 years, Michelle has been NAG’s office manager, quietly and competently keeping the office running, being our institutional memory, and making sure that things happen when they are supposed to.
We know that Michelle and Jim will always be part of the NAG family, and that NAG will always be a part of them. They will undoubtedly continue to volunteer, and will show up whenever we need them. But today is the first time in a long time that neither of them will be at the NAG office, and we will sorely that.
Please join us in thanking Michelle and Jim for their years of service to the community!

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