Become a NAG organizer

NAG organizers meet on the last Tuesday of the month to plan upcoming events and discuss community issues. 7pm-8pm. Location is determined on a monthly basis; meetings are held in various places around the neighborhood, from the NAG office to organizer’s house and local watering holes.

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Join forces with other community-minded people and work together towards a better neighborhood. NAG organizers are volunteers who band together collectively to create, organize, and execute grassroots projects, presentations, and protests. We talk and think about things on every level — local, state, national, and global — while getting our hands dirty right in our own backyard. From getting together bike tours & garden workdays to hosting community meetings & initiating letter writing campaigns, NAG organizers are always tackling important issues in a fun way.

This community, from the Southside of Williamsburg to the far corners of Greenpoint and the Eastern reaches of the district, has a deep history rooted in the working class struggles for better pay, better working conditions, better schools, and better neighborhood services. Protest and community organizing has long played a role in neighborhood life, starting with workers fighting for rights in the factories and tenement houses, to mothers in the 1930s organizing and demanding that streets be closed to provide “Play Streets” for the safety of their children, and families rallying to restore services cut by the city in the 70’s. By the 80’s & 90’s the community was banding together to get the neighborhood cleaned up after a century of toxic pollution. From the oil spill and pollution in Newtown Creek to the mess  of repainting the Williamsburg Bridge, everyday citizens were demanding that the pollution and environmental woes of the neighborhood be addressed. By 2000, people were fighting for more community participation in the rezoning  of our waterfront and neighborhood.

And the struggles haven’t ended…

Check out the many ISSUES & PROJECTS we work on. Our major focus tends to be in the areas of affordable housing & tenant rights, community character, open space & environmental justice, and transportation. Shoot us an email (  or drop on by an event; Getting involved is as easy as showing up.

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