Past Projects

Community Development Watchdog

The passage of the City’s zoning plan has resulted in dozens of new construction projects in the upland areas, producing a series of problems that to date have only been addressed on a case-by-case basis by the impacted parties (tenants, small property owners, local businesses). NAG intervened in dozens of projects where construction threatened to displace residents.

Post-Rezoning Phase of the North Brooklyn Alliance (NBA)

NAG is carrying forth the mission of the North Brooklyn Alliance to make sure that promised rezoning benefits are realized and tackle issues that were unanticipated or neglected in the rezoning action.

Preserving and Nurturing Good Jobs in North Brooklyn

The purpose of this project is to inform, support, and preserve the existing industrial, manufacturing and artisanal businesses in the district — particularly those newly threatened by the implementation of the City’s rezoning plan — as well as to investigate, identify and promote new possibilities for sustainable industry.

Add Your Mark to the Waterfront Design Competition

One of NAG’s major achievements has been the successful organizing effort that resulted in the acquisition of land for a North Brooklyn park. Following up on the land acquisition, NAG created the Friends of the Williamsburg Waterfront Park who are sponsoring a park design contest, Add Your Mark to the Waterfront, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Architects Collective (BAC). Submittals are currently under the review of a locally selected jury.

East River Fishing Awareness

Newtown Creek, a tributary of the East River and an industrial waterway dividing Brooklyn and Queens, is the dirtiest water body in the eastern U.S. It contains high levels of pollutants including oil, sewage, and PCBs. NAG has performed a study of seafood consumption patterns from these waterbodies. Once the findings are analyzed and published, NAG will produce educational pamphlets and warning signs in three languages, to ensure that those who take fish from the creek are fully informed about relevant health risks.