Williamsburg Walks

Williamsburg WalksWilliamsburg Walks is a series of car-free Saturday afternoons on Bedford Avenue. The idea is for people to use the closure to cars in order to rethink their public space and to offer a space to celebrate the neighborhood. The event is organized by NAG in conjunction with the NYC DOT as part of their Weekend Walks program.

The 2013 edition will happen on Sat June 8, Sat June 15 & Sat June 22nd

There will be an information meeting on Thur April 4th to discuss this year’s event. 7-830pm –  Basement hall at the Ukrainian Catholic Church on N5th btwn Bedford & Berry. 

Whether you are a local business, resident, or community group, this is your chance to learn about the event. Our presentation will cover all aspects — impact on the Bedford residents & businesses, ways to volunteer, how to become a programmer, the rules for sidewalk use for Bedford businesses, and much much more. Please come and share in the discussion and get excited about another year of rethinking public space on Bedford Ave.


Rain or Shine! Williamsburg Walks 2012

Bedford Ave will be closed from Metropolitan Ave to N12th. The street closure will run from 1pm to 930pm. Williamsburg Walks programming will run from 3-8pm.

We are looking for community groups and artists who would like to participate. We are looking for volunteers to help set-up and clean-up. We need sponsors to help provide the $$ to create our grassy oasis. There are planty of ways for groups, businesses, and local residents to get involved.

For more info on the event, to get information on how to participate, or to volunteer, please contact Ryan Kuonen, the event organizer @ the NAG office: Call 718.384.2248 (and leave a message if no one answers!!) or email– nag.bklyn@gmail.com

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook — NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth] — to stay informed about all our neighborhood projects.

4 legged fun at 2012 Williamsburg Walks


Lego play area at 2012 Williamsburg Walks


Ugly Art Room at 2012 Williamsburg Walks


Kids entertainment. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Public Art. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Volunteer Power. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Cyanotype Workshop. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Gym Park Demo Fun. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Savage Severe Radio. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Human Mega-Scrabble. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Bedford becomes a world class plaza. 2012

Street moves. Yoga at 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Old School 4 Square. 2012 Williamsburg Walks

Pop up parks. 2012 Williamsburg Walks