Environmental Mapping Project

NAG is creating a GIS map of toxic “hot spots” in Greenpoint and Williamsburg and putting together a series of related educational events.  This project is funded by a grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Due to Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s industrial history, residents are concerned with pollution and contamination in our neighborhood and many are are curious as to what contamination exists and what is being done about it.  NAG seeks to perform an environmental assessment and address the environmental health and justice concerns that remain in the community by compiling previous research and data into one easily-accessible location

The first objective is to perform initial research regarding toxic “hot spots” in the area and to develop an educational program directed towards the community.   As to what areas are of most concern, we will be turning to the community for input and recommendations.

The next objective is to compile a database, which will be available to the public, on the various areas of environmental concern in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area.  This database will incorporate environmental and health risks associated with these polluted/contaminated areas.  The database will cover a number of areas of concern, which may include Superfunds and Brownfields sites, oil spills, and waste transfer stations.

This database will be incorporated into a publicly-available GIS map.  This map will include all of these areas of environmental concern in the community as well as other important statistical and demographic information.

NAG hopes that this project will help the community better understand the environmental concerns in the area they live in.  Ultimately, our goal is to improve the health and well-being of the community by motivating and empowering its members to be more interactive in its local governing and policy-making process.

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